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A Single Source Solution with Value
D-Liquefy is an optimization service designed to promote the value of our offering for gas well optimization using foamers. Our service offers something no other company currently provides.

The value of D-Liquefy is that we can create a turn-key solution for identifying, testing, trialing, implementing and proving foamer well optimization programs. This is all accomplished by a single team of professionals from Stimulate.

Over 3 years ago, advances in technologies allowed chemistries to foam wells that were not considered to be good candidates for foamer applications

  • High condensate to water ratio production
  • High chloride brines
  • Horizontal drilled wells
These new and better foamers have opened a window of opportunities for more cost effective production enhancement applications for our customers

D-Liquefy Program Components
Each well has a customized program developed for it to maximize the results and production from the D-Liquefy treatment.
  • Best in class foamers – Foamers capable of foaming up to 75% condensate – water ratios
  • Foamer test trailers – Trial a program before investing in infrastructure
  • Well batching equipment – Batch wells to qualify foamer performance or perform regular well batching
  • Optimization tools – Fluid levels, pressure surveys to evaluate and qualify wells
  • Field foamer testing
  • Local lab foamer testing
  • Unloading computer modeling
  • Technical training
  • Lab demonstrations
  • Foamer pumping system supply and installation

Advantages of D-Liquefy Production Enhancement

The benefits of this service as a turn-key solution are numerous:

  • Low Risk to the Producer
  • Low Capital Expenses
  • Medium to High Returns
  • Cost Savings with fewer suppliers
  • Less management / Simpler process
  • More accountability on the service provider

D-Liquefy Production Enhancement

D-Liquefy Overview Brochure - Click to Download

Case Studies

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